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TruckBEAR B.V.

is a young company focussed on the global online sales of company cars, trailers and machinery. You can advertise your equipment on our website for 50 days for free. Only when an actual sale takes place will TruckBEAR B.V. charge costs in the form of commission for the completed transaction on the buyer side.

After 50 days, your advertisement is automatically removed by the system. You can renew an unsold lot after 49 days for an additional period of 50 days.



Thanks to our ten years’ experience with global import and export and purchase and sale of company cars, trailers and machines, is in touch with potential buyers all over the world.


Testing and viewing

You can have your equipment professionally tested in consultation with TruckBEAR B.V. A small payment will be charged for this. If desired and after consultation with the client, it is also possible to have testing and viewing days at a TruckBEAR B.V. location to ensure the sale always proceeds in a safe and correct manner.

Advertisement and/or business information displayed on vehicles are professionally made invisible.


Shipping, transport and export documents

You can also request your shipment, transport, RDW and export documents online at TruckBEAR B.V. We are working together with very professional companies to this end. On the Transport page you can calculate the shipment, transport and export documents costs.